How to Be a Great Board Member

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A great board member brings enthusiasm, knowledge and passion to the board. They are aware of their responsibilities and are able set the direction for the organization to meet its business goals and legal duties. They are aware of the organizational culture the mission, operations, and values. They also know the duties and principles of good government.

It is essential that a good board member be able to challenge and question important decisions. This is often done through questions or challenges that are designed to help the CEO understand an issue that they may not have considered or think about the future than the CEO might consider, or help to develop a new perspective. A good board member will do this in a respectable manner, without being hostile or intimidating.

The best boards are populated with board members who share the cause of the association and inspire others to join in their service. They are also able to communicate effectively and take decisions in a timely manner. It is essential that a great board member be prepared for every board meeting and related events. It is important to arrive at the meeting with the agenda, all documents of the committee and board reports.

It’s not just about the qualifications, experience or education that makes a great board member. It’s also about the attitude. The most effective board members constantly take into consideration how their actions benefit the organization and other board members. They do not personalize debates they seek to resolve conflicts, and are able to provide solutions that can bring opposing sides closer.

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